Start Your Own Business

Start-Your-Own-Business-Photo-by-Ian-Schneider-on-Unsplash.jpgIf you want to start your own business - start right here!

These are practical accessible workshops for people starting up businesses (including being sole traders) to do or make all kinds of things and for people who have all kinds of backgrounds.

All the workshop topics are linked. From our track record confidence, motivation and knowledge are all improved. Explanations are clear. There is question and answer time. All workshops get people taking actions to move their ideas forward. The finance and tax workshops are especially beneficial and successful – it is often the part that seems scary to people and can therefore be glossed over or pushed away for another day!

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You can book all of the workshops in this series at once or select individual workshops you can attend. 

  • You and your idea
  • Marketing, Customers & Social Media
  • Finance & Tax
  • Pricing & Sales [Reading only]
  • Legal Aspects & On-going Processes
  • Planning & Presentation for Success

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Here are key points of what you will get from each workshop:

You and your idea

  • Be more motivated to succeed
  • Know the relevant strengths and weaknesses you have
  • Be clearer on your business idea/s and what they mean to customers
  • Understand the reality of business planning

Price: FREE

BOOK NOW: WEST BERKS (ZOOM): Thu, 05 Nov 2020 19:30

Marketing, Customers & Social Media

  • Be more confident with where you are going
  • Identify clearly who your customers/ clients will be and why
  • Know how to describe your product or service clearly
  • Know about websites/ social media and what’s best to use

Price: FREE

BOOK NOW: WEST BERKS (ZOOM): Thu, 12 Nov 2020 19:30

Finance & Tax

  • Have more knowledge about what you must manage
  • Know the differences in status you can use and why
  • Know the tax system and expenses that matter to you
  • Think through realities of money when you start up

Price: FREE

BOOK NOW: WEST BERKS (ZOOM): Thu, 19 Nov 2020 19:30

Pricing & Sales

  • Know how to price your product/ service accurately
  • Have simple sales techniques you can use
  • Plan clearly how you will make real money

Price: FREE
[Reading only]

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Legal Aspects & On-going Processes

  • Be confidently aware of what you have to do
  • Have a plan of when things must be done
  • Have strategies to manage your time well
  • Plan where you will work from to be efficient and productive

Price: FREE

BOOK NOW: WEST BERKS (ZOOM): Thu, 26 Nov 2020 19:30

Planning & Presentation for Success

  • Have a clear sense of direction of next steps
  • Practice how you clearly present what you will do
  • Know useful decision making and planning tools
  • Bring the learning from all workshops to a useable plan

Price: FREE

BOOK NOW: WEST BERKS (ZOOM): Thu, 03 Dec 2020 19:30


Where can I attend these workshops?


WHEN: Workshops run from 7pm – 9.30pm

WHERE: Broadway House, NEWBURY, RG14 1BA

Workshops and advice delivered by The Real Business Club Ltd

Supported by West Berkshire Council


WHEN: Workshops run from 7:00pm – 9:30pm

WHERE: Thatcham Library, Bath Road, Thatcham, RG18 3AG

Workshops and advice delivered by The Real Business Club Ltd

Supported by West Berkshire Council


WHEN: Workshops run from 7pm – 9.30pm

WHERE: Theale Library, Church St, THEALE, RG7 5BZ

Workshops and advice delivered by The Real Business Club Ltd

Supported by West Berkshire Council



WHEN: Workshops run from 7:30pm – 9:00pm

WHERE: These workshops are held online via Zoom. You will not need to download any software. You will simply need access to the internet via a computer.

Supported by West Berkshire Council

Real feedback from previous attendees of our Start-Up Workshops:

These workshops are invaluable. They are helping me to focus, plan and strategise what I need to do next"
Delegate 2018

Giving me more confidence to start again!"
Delegate 2018

It has given me new knowledge and showed me that I need to research and plan more before I start my business"
Delegate 2018

Helped me to decide to register as sole trader initially rather than Ltd Company"
Delegate 2018

I will use the break even point and hourly rate to calculate pricing"
Delegate 2018

I am now much clearer on the best way to price my product to ensure that I am moving towards profitability"
Delegate 2018

Business planning in terms of pricing and break even"
Delegate 2018

When explaining my business idea, I was missing a vital element. I was telling people how great my business is going to be, rather than explaining how my business was going to help potential customers...I’m really grateful for Isabel for pointing this out, as it has now fundamentally shifted my thinking process"
Delegate 2018