Grow Your Business

Business-Owners-Workshop.jpgGrow Your Business is a developed training workshop series from The Real Business Club. Designed for Business Owners who have been running their business for 2 years or over, and want to develop their business to the next level. Its' primary aim is to support existing business owners who are successfully running a business that is growing.  

Is this workshop series for you?


You will learn about:


  • Planning your money for your future
  • Efficiency with tax
  • Efficiency from up to date bookkeeping
  • Tax that works for you
  • Pricing for success
  • Growing your customer base
  • Getting better quality customers
  • When and how to exit your business
  • Want to hand your business on to someone – smoothly and efficiently!


  • Making the best of your top resource
  • Getting others working well for you


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You and your changing business role.

  • Growing a business and managing you!
  • Time prioritizing.
  • Personal income planning.

Price: FREE

What is your plan? What do you want to achieve?

  • Decision making in your business
  • Life decisions and exiting your business well

Price: FREE

How to grow your income.

  • The options in marketing, pricing and using assets.
  • Making strategic choices

Price: FREE

Planning and investing in your business.

  • Tax efficient investing
  • Borrowing money
  • Making timely decisions

Price: FREE

Growing capacity to deliver.

  • Working with others?
  • Taking on staff?
  • Leaving your business in a good state.
  • What you need to consider and how to make choices.

Price: FREE

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Where can I attend these workshops?


WHEN: Workshops run from 7:00pm – 9:30pm

WHERE: The Central Family Hub, Park Lane, THATCHAM, RG18 3PG

Workshops and advice delivered by The Real Business Club Ltd

Supported by West Berkshire Council